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The coupling device (hereinafter the nozzle) is intended for regulating the flow rate of gas wells by changing the flow section manually. The coupling is installed on the technological lines of gas condensate field equipment.
Purpose of the device:

  • The device is designed for manual control of the flow rate of condensate and natural gas by changing the specified diameter of the passage;
  • The device can be used to regulate the flow of media whose properties meet the requirements of the technical characteristics of the device;
  • The device is installed on production lines;
  • The device is designed to work both indoors and outdoors and must be installed on the horizontal section of the pipeline by driving upwards in accordance with the arrow indicating the direction of movement of the medium;
  • The device is supplied assembled with a set of mounting parts.


Conditional pressure, MPa (kgf / cm²) according to GOST 356-63 – 10 (100)
Nominal passage, mm according to GOST 365-67 – 50
Maximum pressure drop Mpa (kgf / cm ‘) – 6 (60)
Limits of the diameter of the cross-section, mm – with one set of replacement parts 20 … 45
Transport medium-Gas-containing gas with H2S and CO2 content up to 6%
Temperature of the transported medium, ° C according to GOST 12997-67 from -20 to +100
A) for resistance to the influence of the working environment in accordance with GOST 12535-67 – ordinary
Product group for environmental resistance according to GOST 12997-67 – ordinary

Note: The connection is also resistant to relative humidity up to 95 at 35 ° C.

Overall dimensions of the device:
– Length 546 mm;
– Width of 195 mm;
– Height of 348 mm.

The building length is 360 mm.
Weight not more than 53 kg.
Weight with mounting parts not more than 120 kg.
The device is recoverable, repairable.

Material of the main parts of the device:
– steel 30ХМА;
– Liners – steel 95Х18 (НRC 56 … 62).

The valve cut-off type KO-302 is designed to automatically shut off the pipeline of natural gas in case of emergency reduction or increase of pressure in it.
The device is designed for outdoor use and must be installed on the horizontal pipeline section by driving upwards in accordance with the arrow indicating the direction of movement of the medium.
The valve is delivered assembled, tuned and adjusted.
– Transported environment – oil, gas, gas condensate with a volume content of hydrogen sulfide up to 6% and CO2 – up to 6%.
– Temperature of the transported medium from minus 50 to plus 100 ° C.
– Ambient air temperature from minus 60 to plus 50 ° С.
– Version for corrosion-active components – K or K1 or K2, depending on the content of aggressive components in the transported environment.
– Connecting surfaces of flanges – according to GOST 12821, GOST 21899, or others, depending on the requirements of the customer.

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