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Pump equipment

Vacuum pump for the complete set of individual milking units type AID-1 (oil)

acuum pump – the main element of the milking machine.
Type of pump – oil
Drive motor power – 750 W

Rotational speed – 3000 rpmPerformance – 4.5 m
The applied lubricant at an ambient temperature of less than + 10 ° C is an industrial oil I12A or I20A Shell Tonna oil 27, Shell turbo oil 27.
The applied lubricant at an ambient temperature above +10 ° C is diesel oil M8B2 or M10B2 SAE20, Shell Rotella, Toil 30.
Working vacuum pressure up to 80 kPa (0.8 kgf / cm 2) To extend the life of the vacuum pump, it is recommended:
– use oils that are permissible according to the instructions;
– change the oil in time if it is heavily soiled;
– replace the pump working plates, at a maximum vacuum of 0.5 atm. And more often;
– in winter, store milking equipment in a warm room;
– If milk enters the pump, stop the milking machine immediately and flush the pump.If you have any problems with the vacuum pump, please contact our customer service for a qualified consultation.

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